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Best way to quit smoking

You may be asking yourself, what is the best way to quit smoking?  You don’t want to spend heaps of time, energy and money on a method that has a low success rate.  In fact, if you are like most smokers, you have already tried ways to quit that have not worked for you.


Unfortunately, the medical profession including doctors and the Australian Quit-line are mesmerised by quit products with medications (drugs) in them to replace nicotine or include other medication.  This is despite plenty of research that shows that these products collectively have low quit rates and high side effects.  In some cases people have such bad sleep, depression and anxiety that they are harmed by the very medications that they are using to get healthier.


Personally, it seems counter intuitive to be taking more nicotine (from whatever delivery method) in order to be free of the habit of wanting nicotine.


So if it isn’t medications, what is the best way to quit smoking?  Many of my quit clients have been surprised and delighted that they don’t need to subject themselves to things they find uncomfortable or drugs to quit.  Hypnotherapy has a high quit rate around the world.  Many studies in Australia and overseas have show that hypnosis is an effective way to quit.


Click here  to read about our 95% success rate and what hundreds of ‘quitters’ have said about quitting smoking at our clinic. This link will take you to our Quit in 60 web page, which specializes in Quit smoking cigarettes and being smoke free!


All you need to do is be ready to quit and take action – to quit.


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