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What is binge-drinking?

So, you may ask, what is the binge drinking definition? One common definition is actually easy to understand. “the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.”


You could easily argue that excessive is a relative term and what is excessive to one is not to another.  Yet, most of us would agree that if the drinking is harming your health, your relationships and/or your ability to make rational decisions, then it is excessive.


Most people who come to our clinic about binge drinking do so because it is harming their relationships and family.  They are drinking enough to harm the way they are communicating with their partner and children.  The rest of the family is fed up with the affects of the drinking on everyone.


If this is happening to you then it is good that you are ready to seek help.  Trying to stop binge drinking without help is very difficult and often unsuccessful.  The drives to drink are one of the strongest addictions that we have.  People often forget that alcohol is a drug and can be very addictive to some people, especially in times of stress.  The problem is that the drinking itself can be the greatest causes of relationship stress, which then leads to more drinking and the person is trapped in a vicious circle of drinking and regret.


Many of our binge drinkers believe that they will be stuck there for ever.  Some have seen others ill or even die from alcohol and they fear the same fate.


The good news is that there are ways that don’t depend on willpower to reduce or stop drinking all together.  Believe it or not quitting drink is easier than reducing the drink.


With hypnotherapy the person’s drive to drink can be turned off or diverted to something that they want.  Basically that person is helped to turn the switch off to wanting to drink.


A person can also choose to reduce their drinking, through hypnotherapy.


Of course whether it is giving up all together or reduction, there are issues below the drinking that will need to also be addressed.  This is often a liberating process of letting go to things that have been oppressive, for quite some time.  New strategies are developed of what to replace the binge-drinking with and then reinforced in hypnotherapy sessions.


Most people are able to significantly reduce their alcohol in the first session.  With reinforcements of only a few more sessions the person may be free from the drive to drink or overdrink.


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