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How to quit smoking for good

If you are like most people who smoke, you have tried a number of ways to quit on your  own. You tried willing yourself to quit.  That worked for a while but eventually you found yourself smoking again.


You blamed your poor ‘willpower’ for smoking again.  You might also have tried some of the quit products (with nicotine or other drugs).  They may have helped with the cravings, but once again, you either had terrible side effects (some of the stories I hear would make your hair stand up) or you just couldn’t keep using them.


Then once again you might have blamed your willpower.  Thinking some version of “I’m too weak willed to quit.  Maybe quitting isn’t for me. I don’t think anything will work for me”.
The truth is that willpower alone is very rarely effective for quitting unless you have a life threatening reason (and even then you might just find it too much of a struggle) or some external reason that is so front of mind that it keeps you on track.


So, I suggest you leave your willpower and self-criticism alone and that you learn a way to quit that doesn’t require willpower to succeed.


Willpower is very energy consuming.  As I have explained in other articles (read more here).  Willpower comes from the conscious mind which is only about 15% of the mind’s ‘power’ the majority of decisions are made by the unconscious part of the mind.  That’s right, we think we are so rational and decide consciously, but most of our decisions are on automatic pilot and driven by emotions or feelings in the unconscious mind.


So back to willpower.  You decide to quit but you haven’t given your unconscious mind the new instructions.  Unfortunately, it’s not by thinking about it that you make changes there.  This is why it is important to work with someone who understands how to instruct the unconscious mind (a hypnotherapist) to give the unconscious the instructions about quitting.


After that hypnosis session both your conscious and unconscious mind have decided to quit.  There is not the same struggle and you have quit for good.  You won’t unconsciously find yourself smoking after you thought you were a non-smoker.  You will have quit for good.

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