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Improving Relationships

We have found that the following 6 principles really work to help heal and transform relationship problems:


1.  When you understand how you became the way you are, you can start to make changes that respect your heart and your mind.  Self-awareness is vital to healthy relationship building because it is important for you to understand the person you bring to the relationship.


2.  Your relationships are the result of your past experiences and the beliefs that you formed about yourself and about relationships. Your family of origin is central to who you are.  You may need to both reveal and resolve the systemic blocks that have been preventing the flow of love & connection from reaching you from the past.  Once the flow of love is restored, you can focus on skills to improve your current relationships and naturally feel more connected.


3.  Exploring your beliefs, memories and feelings in a loving environment, where you are accepted warts and all, can help you to heal and grow.  It’s not about judgment, it’s about what works for you both. Only a solution that you are both happy with will work long term.


4.  We like to think that we are very rational in all our decisions, yet unconscious patterns and feelings control much of what we feel and do.  To change these patterns of relating at a fundamental level you need the conscious and unconscious mind to be singing from the same song-sheet.


5.  Getting into alignment is not as complicated or time consuming as it sounds. Changing those deeply rooted patterns requires work with the unconscious, whether it is through meditation, heartfelt prayer, family constellations or hypnotherapy.  Frequently these profound and lasting shifts happen in just a few sessions.


6.  When working with someone you can trust, you can start to look at your own blind spots in an environment that is nurturing, so that you can make changes that you wish to make and to focus on what is most important to you and your future.  That is why, besides checking that the counsellor or therapist has the qualifications and experience that you need, the most important factor in choosing someone to work with, is finding someone you an feel comfortable and in alignment with.


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