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N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming

N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Both Briar Willard and Luigi Pameijer are Master NLP Practitioners

What is NLP

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Neuro = of the brain, Linguistic = using language and programming because the changes are at the systemic level and are long lasting.


NLP is a a method of working precisely with language that defines the patterns that lead to what you want or what you want to change.


NLP is a practical modality, based on observation of behaviors.  Simply it involves watching the patterns of behavior and trying new approaches or choices until you get the result that you are after.  Each person is unique and yet by observing others who have succeeded in what you want to do, you can model their strategies and shorten the trial and error stage by modeling successful strategies.


Success leaves of trail of evidence.  Modelling someone who is succeeding can provide a shortcut to similar results. Though it’s not only modelling the obvious things that they are doing, it is also modeling their way of thinking and feeling about what they are doing.


If you have ever been blown away because of doing something better than you knew you could.  Did you ever think, “I wonder how I did that?”  NLP will help you find patters to reach that sweet spot consistently.


NLP can help you find the patterns of your success, so you can model your own successes. It is a way of discovering the magic behind your own personal genius, and consistently being your best.  Most professional athletes have Coaches who use NLP so that they trust that they can count on producing their best results.  Counsellors and Hypnotherapists are also using the power of NLP in their work for lasting results.


NLP is the pursuit of excellence and can help you to find the difference that makes the difference for  you in your personal life, business life and other pursuits.



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