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How to Quit Smoking cold turkey

Quitting smoking cold turkey is never easy by yourself, and there is a reason for this. You see, our minds have two parts to it; the conscious and the unconscious parts.


The conscious part wants to quit, which is why you are reading this, but it is only about 15% of your mind’s influence. The unconscious part wants to keep smoking, or you would have quit by now, and it has learnt that smoking makes you feel ‘good’. And 85% of the mind will almost always get what it wants.


What if I could show you a way that is both relaxing and easy to facilitate this change in both parts of the mind.


Let me go through some facts and you can fill in the numbers that work for you.
Let me say you smoke 20 to 25 cigarettes a day. At about a dollar each cigarette, that would cost 20 to 25 dollars a day. Now multiply this out over say a 30 day period (one month).  This would make your expenses for cigarettes between $600 and $750.


It might be a surprise to you that you may burn up between $600 and $750 each month! The good news is that you can be free of that controlling effect that the cigarettes has on you, after only one Quit session. You can have your heath back and save the money that you used to burn through cigarettes.  To find out more click here.


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