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Managing Stress / building confidence

Personal problems that can cause stress

Are you asking yourself how you can reduce your stress?


Stress-management is often on people’s mind because modern life is full of stressors. We have all heard about the health risks of being overly stressed and that stress is in epidemic proportions in most cities in the world.  There is a great deal written about stress management.
The bottom line is not the avoidance of stress, as that is impossible, it’s the management of our reactions and how it impacts us.


It’s not as if there is only one type of stress.  If you are a teenager your stress can come from a larger range of issues including: your families’ stresses and parent’s marriage break-ups, performing at school, in exams and assignments, fitting in and bullying, body image and relationship pressures, to name just a few.


As an adult stress can come from even more areas, as there is often the added stress of being responsible for others which adds to the personal stressors. How we manage some stresses will have a domino effect on other stressors.  The causes of stress are complex.


Yet, the steps to feeling less stressed is actually quite simple, regardless of the causes.  It’s not easy yet it’s simple.  There are definite things you can do to reduce stress.


There are also techniques that you can learn to reduce your stress levels.   Each person will develop a personal de-stress strategy, yet some things are useful across the board.


Stress can become chronic and occasionally obsessive, possibly leading to anxiety symptoms that make it hard to deal with stress at home or at work.


Being able to handle stress at work is very important, as working daily under stressful condition without any stress management skills, can lead to a desire to quit and withdraw.


At our clinic, our main stress reduction method is through advanced hypnotherapy. Unhealthy stress is often driven from feelings and memories in the subconscious mind.


Talk therapy can be very helpful to give us insights to the issues behind the stress.  To relieve stress longer term the unconscious part of the mind will need new information.  Hypnotherapy can be for only a few sessions and reduce stress for good.


If dis-stress is part of your family’s way of coping, you may want to have one or two sessions which resolve issues at the systemic level.  If your workplace has great turn over for people who are hired for your position, it could require a systemic solution.  Luckily one can do systemic work alone with the practitioner and not involve any other person.


One stress-reduction method we use and teach at Making Connections, is called Faster EFT.  It is a tapping method to reprogram the mind to let go of the stressor.  It is so effective that we teach it to most of our clients.


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