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Making Connections Pty Ltd, clinic progress:
•    1998 Making Connections Clinic: Counselling Individuals & Couples.
•    2004 Life & Business Coaching
•    2005 Clinic moved to current venue in Carindale
•    2008 Clinical Hypnotherapy and Ericksonian Psychotherapy
•    2010 Quit Smoking Program
•    2011 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
•    2012 Family Constellations therapy
•    2012 Wellness and Disease Constellations
•    2012 Business Constellations
•    2013 Faster EFT (a stress management therapy)


When the clinic began in 1998 the only services revolved around Counselling individuals and couples.  Then a series of other services were added to those services as can be seen in the dot points above. 


Since 2010 the Quit Program has continually been improved until it’s reached it’s current exceptionally high success rate. Approximately, 88 percent have Quit in the first session, the remainder quit in the follow up session. Confidence in those figures come from the fact that follow up sessions are free of charge and encouraged.  


Hypnotherapy with children has recently been introduced and found to be very quick and effective. Children are even more receptive than adults to changing quickly with hypnosis.  Children enjoy hypnosis as it involves positive images and story telling where they are the hero of the story.


Hypnotherapy is a very effective therapy for anyone who wants quick and lasting change.  With results in only very few sessions.

Making Connections is a clinic with conducting a variety of healing modalities with brief therapy. This means that some results can take only a few sessions while others a few months.


As we know even Olympic athletes choose ongoing coaching to stay at their best.  Some clients choose to continue with their Business or Life Coaching on a periodic basis, in order to keep at their best and keep improving.


There are two practicing clinicians at Making Connections.
Luigi Pameijer and Briar Willard

Both have worked with hundreds of clients over thousands of individual sessions.


Both are continually in search of the most efficient ways to resolve long standing issues for lasting change. They have shared this lifelong passion of learning and putting new healing therapies into practice.


Like most advanced practitioners, especially ones with a number of different healing modalities to work with, Briar and Luigi have developed their own blend of therapies which they tailor to the needs of each of their clients.


This healing is their life’s work and passion, exploring ways to break through limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns so that people can experience freedom and contentment.


Luigi Pameijer Qualifications:
Bachelor of Teaching (adults), Certified Mediator for Community Disputes, Certified Life Coach,  Cert IV in Small Business Management, Master NLP Practitioner, Family and Business Constellations Practitioner and Facilitator, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Faster EFT practitioner.


Luigi Pameijer’s Membership: Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA),  International Systemic Constellation Association (ISCA), and is a provider with a number of private health insurances for Hypnotherapy.


Luigi’s brief work history
Luigi has over 20 years experience in teaching, coaching adults, life coaching and since 2008 clinical hypnotherapy.


Quit Smoking specialist with a Quit program that he has evolved over hundreds of clients.


Besides that specialty Luigi has also seen hypnotherapy and coaching clients for breaking other bad habits, weight loss, reducing pain, managing stress, gambling, weigh loss, removing phobias, panic attacks, and teaching how to handle struggles in their lives, to name just a few.


Briar Willard Qualifications:
Bachelor of arts (Economics), Masters in Social Work, Certified Mediator, Certified Life Coach (level IV), Systemic Family Constellations Practitioner and Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Cert IV in Small Business Management


Briar Willard’s Membership: Australian Association of Social Work (AASW) and Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) and International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA) member.


Briar’s brief work history
Since 1992 Briar has been counselling individuals and relationships. Her training in mediation has been invaluable to helping couples to learn and develop conflict resolution skills that resolve conflicts in a way which builds rather than damages relationships.


As a brief therapist, Briar’s uses all of her training including Economics, Counselling, Coaching, Family Constellations and Clinical Hypnotherapy to help her clients find harmony and balance in their life where there was possibly confusion, conflict, chaos and stress.



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