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1)    Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

Are you frustrated by any the following:

You smoke cigarettes and you have tried and failed to quit smoking on your own.
You would like to know how to quit smoking  (click for more)
The best way to quit smoking (click for more)
You think you may have a gambling addiction and can’t seem to resist gambling.
You want to know how to stop gambling (click for more)
Your relationships are suffering due to your binge drinking and you can’t seem to stop on your own.
You want to know what binge drinking is and how to deal with alcohol addiction (click for more)
You are not sure where to turn for stress-management.
The good news is that stress management techniques are relatively easy to learn and then just requires practice and dedication for it to work. (click for more)
You are anxious and lack self esteem in public settings.
You lack the confidence that you need for work or home.
Hypnotherapy can help boost self-esteem and confidence in all settings (click for more)
If you have said yes to any of the descriptions above then it may be time to give your mind an ‘upgraded program’ and new instructions that don’t involve addiction, or compulsive behaviours.
The good news is that our clients have achieved this renewal in their mind via a combination of therapies including Hypnotherapy and it only took a few sessions.
In fact, hypnotherapy combined with some stress management techniques, can help to reprogram the subconscious mind, which controls our memories, feelings and most importantly our desires to be healthy again.

Call us on 1300 160 854: if you have any questions or if you are ready to book in for your first session with either of us.

2)    Finding solutions to relationship issues and conflict

Do you feel trapped in conflict in your relationship and would like to communicate better?

You would like your discussions to be caring, constructive even loving again. (click for more)

If you were to do a health check on your relationship, how is it doing?

We all do regular checks on our health and our vehicles, why not our relationships?

Do you find that you argue about the smallest of things?

You would like to have meaningful and mature discussions instead?

Do you wonder where the goodwill and connection has gone and you want them back again? (click for more)

Do you want to find a way to feel safe and supported, free of all of that conflict and alienation?
You want to get past the gender or other stereotypes and personality differences to be able to celebrate again the reasons that you got together.

If you can see yourself in any of those descriptions, then your relationship may need a ‘tune up’ and a few new skills to practice to improve your communication, regain trust and connection and enjoy longer and longer periods without unnecessary conflicts and arguments over even the smallest of differences.

Call us on 1300 160 854

3)    Areas of Expertise…

Relationship check up, tune up for harmony and balance

Stress and anxiety reduction

Feeling more confident and self-assured

Creating the right work / life blend

Managing all important resources, time, money, attention

More contentment

Breaking bad habits for good

Getting on with life with direction and energy

Systemic resolution of issues that were handed down to you from your family of origin and major life events.
 (click for more)

4)    Why people get trapped

Do you feel trapped in some recurring problems and behaviours in your life?
Are you keen for a change so that you can move forward and feel more relaxed and in charge in your life again?  (click for more)

Most of us have spent a great deal of energy and frustration, at different times in our lives, trying to fix our problems ourselves without adequate help.
During those times it could often feel as if we are the only one with these issues to resolve.

There are some sound reasons that we try to do it all our self, yet, we could speed up the process of resolution with tailored and effective coaching and counselling or psychotherapy work, changing our thoughts and beliefs, in both the conscious and the unconscious mind. (click for more)

5)    In person or over Skype

Working with Skype:  Skype has the advantage over a phone calls, in that we can both see one another, as if we are in the same room.

Over the years I have not always been able have meetings in person, as many of my clients, have lived inter-state or overseas.

Skype has been a great/ affordable way to have the counselling and life coaching sessions.

I have been amazed at just how effective they can be.

It can allow much more flexibility in time and free from the need to travel.

Call us on 1300 160 854: if you have any questions or if you are ready to book in for your first session with either of us.


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Speak with someone who has training and experience in moving through the types of issues you are facing. Reliable support for you to take charge of all aspects of your life with someone who is detached from your issues and committed to seeing you succeed based on your values and situation.

A safe space to develop your vision for yourself and your work, get clear on your top values and how to make effective decisions quickly and help focus on your highest values and priorities.


This is an important step, so you will want to feel confident with your choice, comfortable and trusting of the person that you choose to help you.

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