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FAQ on Coaching

1. What is Coaching?

There is no formula for Life Coaching and the practice varies between life coaching schools and practitioners. Some coaches follow a set pattern of questions and progress through those areas based on their formula of what is of priority.  At Making Connections we like to have a greater flexibility and let your priority issues set the agenda for the work.

There are some common elements in all coaching. The coach asks meaningful questions about your life. Your answers will help you work out together what is working in your life and what isn’t.  You agree with your coach on the areas that you want to improve.

What I continually marvel at with coaching, is the fact that our work together can help you have breakthroughs in areas that were closed to you, sometimes for years, within as little as one or two sessions.


2. How does Coaching work?

Coaching is usually conducted either face to face or over the phone. Most of our sessions are 1 hour long for individual sessions.

Personally I think meeting weekly for the first 4 weeks and then every week or two weeks, for a minimum of 8 sessions – works best for personal coaching.

That said, a number of clients who have come with very specific issues to solve, come for as little as 1 to 3 sessions to have their desired results.

At the start of coaching we agree on what areas to work on together. 

Coaching is a tight partnership based on trust. Trusting to share truthfully how your life is going and what is and isn’t working for you.  Trust is vital if we are to get to the root causes of your issues and find appropriate solutions that will work for you.


3. Why would I get a coach?

Most often clients want to be heard and supported, encouraged, challenged, held accountable, inspired and have a mentor.

If you want someone to hear you and help you find strategies for your issues and challenges….

If you need support and encouragement in a new area of work or life……

If you want someone who would challenge you and inspire you to do your best and really go for it…..

To be held accountable to follow through until you had your desired result or learning…..

If you wanted someone to be on your side, to work through your challenges with you……

If you wanted support in finding out your calling in life…..

If you want to bring more joy, balance and contentment in your life….

Then that is why you’d want to get a coach.


Email Briar or Luigi and find out how.  Contact Us now


4. How do I choose a Coach?

A lot of differently trained people call themselves Life Coaches.  The truth is that there is a great deal of variability in the training, experience and quality between Life Coaches.

It’s best to speak to your potential coach or have a referral from someone you trust who has been coached by them.

The real question is whether they can help you get the results that you are after and help find solutions for your issues.

The fit between you and the coach is what’s most important, once you feel confident that they are competent at what they do.

5. Privacy and Confidentiality?

Knowing that your information is kept private is key to a trusting relationship with your coach.

Coaches are bound by rules of confidentiality, just like lawyers and counselors.


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Speak with someone who has training and experience in moving through the types of issues you are facing. Reliable support for you to take charge of all aspects of your life with someone who is detached from your issues and committed to seeing you succeed based on your values and situation.

A safe space to develop your vision for yourself and your work, get clear on your top values and how to make effective decisions quickly and help focus on your highest values and priorities.


This is an important step, so you will want to feel confident with your choice, comfortable and trusting of the person that you choose to help you.

Contact us for a complimentary 15 minutes consultation, so that we can discuss ways that we can support you to get the breakthrough that you seek.


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