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I’m sure you’ll agree that THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, with yourself, your family, your partner, your friends and work colleagues.


Why is it so hard to create the relationships that we want?


Solutions may be unique, yet  there are some simple techniques which can make all the difference to greater harmony and understanding.   I’m continually amazed at the ability of individuals and couples to heal their relationship and find passion and compassion again.


Making Connections is a clinic with a variety of different types of counselling and coaching.  Individual Counselling to work with you on past issues and painful events and hurt feelings.  Couple Counselling to work on relationship issues between you and your partner.  We work with you to develop strategies to get outcomes that can last and be fulfilling for all concerned.


Individual Counselling:

One on one to help you with your issues that are holding you back from living the life that you choose. Feel free to look at the Individual Counselling page to see about our services, in that area.


Couple Counselling:

Are you looking for ways to improve communication in your relationships at home?


Couple counselling is a combination of a safe communication platform with a translator (the counsellor) and an opportunity to fully hear and be heard so you can move forward.  Most relationships have phases where they get stuck and have the same argument over and over again and they can’t seem to get out.  The problem with asking friends and family to help is that they can make things worse, by taking our side and getting enmeshed with the arguments.


It’s amazing how some effective work on communication can make such a difference.  In just one or two couple sessions you could be talking about the endless circular arguments as a thing of the past.


Systemic Family Constellations:

Finding the thread from the past that helps you in your life and clarify aspects that are not serving you. Often issues, illness and dis-empowering beliefs are handed down from generation to generation.  These will continue to be handed down until they are resolved.  Family Constellations can bring both insight and resolution to many age old issues.


Counselling can be the opportunity to find out about how you became the way you are and work out how to heal from past and current hurts that are getting in the way of your life.

With a combination of healing methods we will work respectfully with you to understand your issues, free from judgment, to work together on developing strategies that will help you break free of the issues that are holding you back.

If the counselling is focussed on relationship problems, we will work together to learn to communicate better and be able to hear each other with less interference.

If you are facing separation or divorce and you want relationship or marriage counselling, the counselling and coaching we will do, will focus on practical steps to minimise the damage that a break up could cause you and your family.

If you are not sure whether the relationship can continue, yet you are both willing to come for couple counselling/coaching sessions, we can work together to have the best outcome possible, for all concerned – whether you stay together or choose to part.  I’ve seen relationships part with understanding, respect for one another and honour for all parties.  It takes work to move past hurt and blame to a place where constructive solutions can be found to what lies ahead.

We all can benefit from learning to communicate better.  Even if we are good at some types of communications, communicating with a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, can be very difficult, especially when emotions are high.

Some of us are better at communicating at work than at home, others are the other way round.  Either way, upskilling around communication can be very beneficial and can help stop the fighting, or at least reduce it.

When we work with relationships, we begin with the premise that everyone is doing the best they can with the skills and knowledge that they have.  We also don’t waste time trying to find blame and in judgment.  If either person in the relationship is unhappy, then the relationship is in trouble.  It’s about find solutions and not pointing the finger of blame at anyone in particular.


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Speak with someone who has training and experience in moving through the types of issues you are facing. Reliable support for you to take charge of all aspects of your life with someone who is detached from your issues and committed to seeing you succeed based on your values and situation.

A safe space to develop your vision for yourself and your work, get clear on your top values and how to make effective decisions quickly and help focus on your highest values and priorities.


This is an important step, so you will want to feel confident with your choice, comfortable and trusting of the person that you choose to help you.

Contact us for a complimentary 15 minutes consultation, so that we can discuss ways that we can support you to get the breakthrough that you seek.


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