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Stop Gambling

Does this sound familiar?

It all started way back and really you can’t remember when.


You have been gambling for some time and now you find that it is not just $5 a day.


You notice that your household is suffering, you find that you are resorting to fast food, late nights, and you have noticed that your relationships at home have become strained.


You want this to stop, you want it to back to how it used to be.


I have helped a number of people to make a change here.


Case Study of Keith:

Keith had a successful career in sales and was one of the top sales people at the firm. He had told me that he dropped in to the club on the way home had a drink and then played on the pokies for a while, then getting home late on most nights. This practice continued for some time. His work was suffering and he was selling things that he had treasured for many years to fund his habit.


The problem got so bad that his family had left him and the house was in a state.  He had realised what had happened as if waking up from a bad dream and came to see me.


After a couple of sessions he was sleeping better and had stopped going to the club and wasting money on the pokies. His house was tidier and things were again starting to be in order.


Give me a call if you want to make a change for the better.


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Speak with someone who has training and experience in moving through the types of issues you are facing. Reliable support for you to take charge of all aspects of your life with someone who is detached from your issues and committed to seeing you succeed based on your values and situation.

A safe space to develop your vision for yourself and your work, get clear on your top values and how to make effective decisions quickly and help focus on your highest values and priorities.


This is an important step, so you will want to feel confident with your choice, comfortable and trusting of the person that you choose to help you.

Contact us for a complimentary 15 minutes consultation, so that we can discuss ways that we can support you to get the breakthrough that you seek.


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