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Stop Marijuana

Marijuana Case study of Peter:

Let me tell you about Peter, he used to smoke marijuana socially with friends when he was younger and he felt he could stop at any time. 


Then one day he realised that he was smoking marijuana even when he was on his own, not just with friends.  He still thought he could just stop when he wanted.  Then he started to realise that he was thinking of his smokes to relax at the end of the day and on week-ends. In fact he was thinking about it any time he was stressed and it was getting in the way of other things that he wanted to do.


Peter was an ambitious person in business, but instead of getting to the things he wanted and needed to do, increasingly he was smoking instead.  His dreams were drifting away in smoke, quite literally.


Then one day, Peter realised that he was at the start of his work life and career.  He needed to do the work if he was to get the success he knew he could have.  So, he booked in to quit smoking marijuana.


Now Peter is a non smoker of all weeds and is setting up a number of successful business ventures.  He has a clear head for what needs doing.  It has helped in a number of areas in his life and there’s no looking back!


If you find that you have been seduced into becoming a regular or even periodic marijuana smoker and you would like to stop for good, then you have come to the right place.


I have helped a number of people to stop smoking marijuana.


To be successful at quitting the important things to remember are:
  • You need to really want to stop smoking marijuana.  Be clear about the fact that you will stop and be sure you are ready for that step forward.
  • To help you I will need to know what causes you smoke, the times, places the things you are doing or feeling (like stress) that lead you to want a smoke.
  • I will ask you all the reason why you want to stop smoking now.
  • You will also need to clean up your environment from ALL smoking paraphernalia and your thinking from all triggers to smoke.


I am keen to help people to quit smoking both cigarettes and marijuana.   In this Quit program we will be working together to have an effective outcome.  It’s so much easier when you work as a team member.


I look forward to hearing from you.  Please fill out the form or send me an e-mail from the Contact page.


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Speak with someone who has training and experience in moving through the types of issues you are facing. Reliable support for you to take charge of all aspects of your life with someone who is detached from your issues and committed to seeing you succeed based on your values and situation.

A safe space to develop your vision for yourself and your work, get clear on your top values and how to make effective decisions quickly and help focus on your highest values and priorities.


This is an important step, so you will want to feel confident with your choice, comfortable and trusting of the person that you choose to help you.

Contact us for a complimentary 15 minutes consultation, so that we can discuss ways that we can support you to get the breakthrough that you seek.


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