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Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a dynamic process:

Bert Hellinger started Family Constellations as a systemic emotional healing modality in the 1990s. It is a great modality to help people resolve issues that have been handed down through their family of origin, sometimes for generations.  It allows the client to both see and resolve issues in their family system that are preventing them from moving forward in some important area of their life.


Family Constellations has been found effective in working on all kinds of relationship issues (business, family and other) as well as mental and physical health.


Constellations work has also been very effective in healing relationships between groups of people, even different national groups and for issues of relationships within a business or workplace and is called Business Constellations.


Working with the ‘knowing field’ – the links with the past;

There is a link between all people who are connected through family, cultural groups or defining experiences.  This can be true for family members or people who work together.  This link endures even after a family member has passed away, all the way back into our past and our ancestors.  This information can show us where the problem began in a family or business system and what needs to happen for the issues to be resolved.


Will Family Constellations work for me?

Yes, it can work for anyone.  As long as you are open to learning experientially, this method can be effective. Some people find it difficult to listen to the feelings in their body and they can struggle with this modality.


Who is present at a Family Constellation?

Family Constellations are primarily conducted with individuals one on one or in groups of participants who are unrelated and with couples.  Children are not to be present for their  parent’s constellations as this is ‘out of order’.  Clients in group constellations can choose to ask people to leave until the end of their constellation, if they are more comfortable without that person that they know being present.


How do I know if it has worked or that something has changed?

Sometimes the results are not so plain or visible. It may take time to become clear and develop. These changes happen slowly as the soul moves slowly.  During a Constellation it is common for people to have insight into themselves, their family and the issues that they are exploring.  This learning is progressive and can build over a period of days, weeks even months.


Can I do Harm to myself or to others?

No, you can’t do harm to yourself or others through this process.  This process is very respectful of all the members present and absent.


What sort of things can I use it for?

Family Constellations has been found to be helpful in all areas of life.  The main areas that people have come to this work are: relationship issues, within the family or at work with a Business Constellation, inability to thrive in life and find a direction or make an important decision.  It is also very effective in assisting in physical healing process.  Whether emotional, physical or practical in nature of the problem being resolved, Family Constellations work can effectively bring insight and a feeling of resolution to the client and their family, even a number of generations back.


Business Constellations:  can be done with just the individual or at the workplace. The advantage of doing it individually is that it can go deeper into the patterns of the client.  The advantage of doing one at the business, is that a difficult work decision can be made and all can be present to see the results.  Individual sessions can then be booked to look at an individual’s systemic issues.


Parents can do a constellation about a child under 18, as after that age the child is old enough to do a constellation for themselves.  Often a parent may be concerned about the well being of their child and there may not be an obvious cause for the behavior.  Family Constellations can help shine light on the feelings and reasons that the child is feeling or behaving this way.


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