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Healing yourself and those far away

Over the last 15 months Luigi Pameijer & Briar Willard have been holding something that they call ‘The Universal Healing Circle’ in Brisbane, Australia.

It all started when a friend overseas asked them to hold weekly prayers for the health of a young woman in her 20s who was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor.

After the first private session Briar and Luigi thought that they could take the idea of healing a step further and invite others to join in this prayer and meditation for healing. Given the skills of both Luigi and Briar have, it was decided to do a deep guided meditation for healing and each person would have their own experience.

This program of the Universal Healing Circle was held weekly for many months. Some evenings there have been as many as 20 attending and other times only 2 guests.  Regardless, they are happy to hold the UHC.  They realize this is something that they can do and enjoy to contribute to others.

Luigi is the primary facilitator of the healing process.  He has modified the guided meditation from time to time, though it is still very much in alignment with where it was when they started back in January of 2012

Almost all participants have stated how ‘peaceful’ they feel after the mediation and how much clearer their minds were for the weeks after.  They have received comments from university students who said that they have improved their studies and abilities at university, after the sessions.

They also have other therapists who attend regularly and tell them that they have improved focus and greater ability for assertiveness in their own lives.

The meditation is very enchanting and even Luigi finds that he is also transported by the meditation as he is speaking.  He loses the sense of time during the session.

These session generally take about 35 to 45 minutes in meditation.  In a very relaxed way the group often has a chat over a cup of tea after the healing and before everyone goes home.

If you would like to attend one of these evenings please contact Briar and Luigi by email.

Places are limited so contact them, so that they can let you know if there is room at that session.

Email: Universalhealingcircle at gmail.com

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